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Project 5 continues the CACSA’s focus on important South Australian artists with an expansive project by mid-career artist and educator Joe Felber, who will transform the gallery into a single painting, a floor-based work that displays the essence of a spatial experience into the desire of human identity and the endless search for emotional attachment, revealing the underpinning differences in cultural acceptance. Felber’s art is a development of his experience as a ‘foreigner’ in Australia, reflecting an interest in the political debate rather than the aesthetic.

Presented amongst this exhibition will be older works on loan from various collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. His recent concerns about immigration policies in Australia and his eclectic interdisciplinary practice are a reflection of origins in Switzerland/Europe. His experience in transitional and nomadic thinking is shaped by a philosophy of experimental testing/sampling of artistic practices. This linking of different disciplines and methodologies has played a significant role for Felber as a naturalised immigrant in Australia.

Based in Adelaide, Joe Felber has worked and exhibited over three continents and three decades as a peripatetic nomad, his art practice a ‘performance’ of physical and discursive displacement. His practice is interdisciplinary and acquisitive: absorbing, assembling, composing and decomposing, playing and replaying elements from a vast collection of fragments, each a caught glimpse (a musical notation) of a moment, a movement through public and social space (the literal spaces of landscape, architecture and urbanity, and the virtual, or constructed spaces of both written and artistic syntax).

His artwork has been exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum (1999), Queensland Art Gallery (1994), Art Gallery of New South Wales (1989, 1999, 2011, 2012), Art Gallery of Western Australia (1999) and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (1999). His work has been acquired by the Nation Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of NSW, Deustche Bank (Germany) and UBS Bank (USA). He is currently lecturer at the Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA).


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